• Vasilikis forest
Vasilikis Forest, an area of 11,000 acres covered in firs, pines and other trees is spread in the southern part of the mountain range of Taygetos. From the position Agios Dimitrios one can take the international path E4 and then descend to the riverbed of the ravine of Viros in the Shadow of the Prophet Elijah and the "Damaged Mountain" in the direction of Kardamili. The route passes from the ancient Royal Road used by the kings of Lakedaimonos who had access to the western coasts of Tainaro. The ancient sites of Dilagado and Troskona are on the way. After a walk of about 5 to 6 hours up the left slope of the canyon you reach Exohori (altitude 420m.), which is 10 km from Kardamili.  Vasilikis Forest can be reached via a 21 km long forest road off the village of Exohori.

• Viros gorge
Viros gorge, with a length of about 20 km., is one of the biggest and most impressive gorges in Greece. The entrance is in the village of Tseria just outside Kardamili. The gorge stretches deep into the heart of Mount Taygetos, below the peak of Mavrovounas.

• Noupantis gorge
Noupantis gorge stretches for 8 kilometres from the Monastery of Vaidenitsas (3km after Saidona on the way to Exohorio) to Crystal Beach Foneas, which is between Stoupa and Kardamili.

• Stepenis gorge
Stepenis gorge starts from Karyovouni and Milea and ends on the beach Pantazis of Agios Nikolaos.

• Cave Vatsinidi
The underwater cave "Shelter Vatsinidi" is located at the edge of village Proastio, after Kardamili, in an area called Lazos. It is on the right hand side of the main road from Kardamili to Agios Nikolas, between the road and the sea, some twenty-five metres from the road. The entrance faces the road and is a typical doline.

• Cave Katafygi-Agios Dimitrios
Leaving Ag. Nikolaos towards the Trahila, 3.5 km from the village and shortly after the settlement of Agios Dimitrios, you reach the Cave Katafygi.

• Cave "Katafigio", Trahila
In the area of Trahila there is a cave with three levels. Going past the village of Trahila the road comes to a dead end where cars are dropped off. The cave is reached after a trek of about one hour on a difficult path along the coastline. A wall with a small opening that illuminates the area where residents had once built an oven protects the impressive entrance. There is evidence that the cave was used as a hideaway for the locals during wars.

• Polilimnio Messenia
This is a cluster of lakes and waterfalls of incredible beauty about a half hour from Agios Nikolaos. It is well worth a visit for a swim in the cool waterfalls and the lakes created by them. It is approximately 30 minutes (32 km) from the capital Kalamata, and the trip can be combined with other trips to the other side of the Messinian Gulf.





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